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Improving Kitchens & Delivering Quality Food

Improving Kitchens and Delivering Quality Food

CookTek® brings the kitchen experience to a whole new level with advanced, efficient induction cooktop ranges. Now, professional cooks in commercial kitchens can enjoy higher productivity, substantial energy savings, safer cooking environments and, most importantly, quality food.

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Why Choose Induction Cooking?

As a leading innovator, developer and manufacturer of induction cooktops and induction powered foodservice products, CookTek® is committed to improving the kitchen equipment through advanced heating technology. From durable commercial induction cooktop ranges to reliable thermal delivery systems, CookTek® is changing the way the world cooks, serves and delivers food. Feeding the masses can be an incredibly complicated task, especially in a crowded, overheated commercial kitchen with multiple burners running. When the cooking experience is made simpler and more efficient, cooks and foodservice professionals can focus on what is really important: increased performance, improved service and extraordinary food.

Discover the Benefits of Induction

Our induction cookers are faster than gas and more efficient than electric. They are easy to control for precise heating and unmatched results. The induction cooktop’s surface remains relatively cool, reducing the risk of injury and allowing for easier cleanup. And with the CookTek® induction cooktop’s significant energy savings come lower utility bills and a cooler, greener kitchen.

Benefits of the CookTek® difference include:

  • Thermal delivery bags that keep food hot for 45 minutes
  • Precise temperature control for extraordinary results
  • Drop-in granite countertop cooktops achieve elegant presentation
  • Cooler, safer, cleaner, cheaper, greener kitchens

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The Induction Revolution

You’ve probably heard about it. Maybe even seen it before at a trade show … that cool-looking, glass-surfaced induction cook top that boiled water faster than you could say, “How much does it cost?” But after the water boiled and the salesman had his (or her) say, the question of cost still remained. Let’s face it: high-powered induction cook tops have just been too darned expensive. Well, not anymore …

It’s been a long time in coming, but the induction revolution is finally here. CookTek® is proud to introduce you to our robust line of cost-effective induction cooking systems. From the ground up, these products have been designed, engineered and manufactured to withstand everything a commercial kitchen can throw at them. Every electrode, diode, screw, nut and bolt – even the faceplate – was specified with the commercial kitchen in mind. But we didn’t stop there. Read on to learn more about our American-made, induction ranges and cooking systems.

Browse our range of Cooktek Induction Cookers