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Case Study #3

Charlie Lovett

Charlie Lovett… On a mission to rid the world of bad coffee

Words by franchisor Peter Caddick

Charlie Lovett is on a mission to rid the world of bad coffee, roast as much coffee as we can and make everyone’s lives better and more enjoyable.

Charlie Lovett is a coffee roasting franchise and we’ve been operational in Peakhurst for just over a year. We’re paving the way for great coffee, in every corner of Australia.

It’s really easy to apply for equipment funding with Silver Chef. The process is pretty idiot proof; when you go on the website and have a look it gives you how much it’s going to cost. And for people who don’t understand much about finance, Silver Chef is extremely easy to deal with.

Often when you set up a new business, it’s hard to get finance in the first 12 months to two years. Banks are notoriously difficult for the café industry. Silver Chef was a good option for us when we wanted to get our business going and they were flexible and accommodating. They really helped us out when we needed a hand.

We’ve opened up a store in Melbourne and planning on more throughout the year with good people, one store at a time, not going too crazy. But we’re going to have fun, build a good team and take it on as we go.

Charlie is a fun place! We build the business for people with great products and a good experience. We keep it fun and energetic and that’s the only way to live life, and that’s what we do here at Charlie Lovett.

I would recommend Silver Chef to people in the café industry, because it’s so hard to get banks to believe in what you are trying to achieve. Silver Chef is a great product to get you up and running, and if you make any mistakes with equipment you can just send it back. That’s really important. You know you don’t always get it right when you set up a café so their flexibility is amazing.

Because we used Silver Chef it allowed us to free up cash that would ordinarily be tied up in the assets, which helped us to franchise the concept and open more stores.